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Crystal Prisms Drops Chandelier Parts 38mm 50mm 63mm 76mm 89mm

Crystal Prisms Drops Chand

1.High quality glass material 2.Clear Sparkling Teardorp Sh...

Chandelier Crystal Clear Diamond Prism Pendant

Chandelier Crystal Clear D

1.High quality glass material 2.Clear Sparkling Diamond Sha...

Acrylic Acrylic Teardrop Crystal Chandelier Pendants Parts Beads Garland Hanging Bead Tree Beaded Curtains

Acrylic Acrylic Teardrop C

1.Acrylic material,clear color,nice clarity 2.Geart for hom...

Glass Crystal Chandelier Pendant Supplier

Glass Crystal Chandelier P

Glass material chandelier crytals pendants...

20/30/40/50/60/70mm Clear Crystal Ball Prisms For Chandelier Pendant

20/30/40/50/60/70mm Clear

1.Material:K9 Crystal 2.Clear Crystal, Perfect Laser Cut an...

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